Zoo Zen Count to Ten Kristen Fischer

Zoo Zen Count to Ten: A Yoga Story for Kids will be published by Sounds True in 2017!


Post-HHI Recap

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I finally went on a week-long vacation–now I know what I’ve been missing. It was so cool to not have to work and not have to do anything, even though I was a busy bee down in Hilton Head Island, SC.


Hello, you can bike on the beach–so I did, a lot!  It was very nice to get away and I had a great time with my husband for our 10-year anniversary.

Now that I’m home, though, I am BUSY. I’m on a few large copywriting projects, and haven’t been able to take on many new clients. I am sure that will all change soon as my larger projects wrap up. In the meantime, I am enjoying them very much!

Register Now for the FREE Thriving Artist Summit 2015

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Thriving Artist Summit 2015

Thriving Artist Summit 2015

Exciting news! I will be a part of the 2015 Thriving Artist Summit!

It’s a free online conference taking place from January 5 to January 18. There are tons of creative professionals with valuable insights into making writers, designers, artists, developers, and other creative professionals productive and profitable.

I participated last year and gained so many valuable insights. Please check it out. Yours truly will be featured on January 8th. Register now!


Freelance Radio is up!

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Freelance Radio, my podcast for creative professionals has a new episode up. We also redesigned the website thanks to Kitty Florido.

Check it out and listen to an episode on iTunes! Have questions about freelancing? Ask away at

Is your website content dull?

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Companies in today’s digital age likely have had a writer put together content for their website–or patched some together themselves. Still, your content can probably use a refresher.

Not only will updated content register better in search engines, but it can show prospects that you’re always improving your brand and your website.

Fortunately, rewriting your content doesn’t cost as much as creating it from scratch. So if you’re looking to update–but not revamp–your content, a website content refresh may be a good idea. It can reword and reoptimize content, or add updates to reflect business changes or new services.

Need a website content refresh today? Connect with me today and let’s get started!

What’s Up with the Website?

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Well, folks, I hate technology.

I mean, I love using it, but I just hate creating it. That’s why I retained the lovely Kitty Florido to redo my website. So poke around and see what I’ve got on here. The main goal in giving it a makeover was to make it easier to update. Which means you may actually come back here once a while to see what’s going on in the writing world. I want to pack the site with clips but also insights about writing and links to new projects.

Now that the website is up and I didn’t have to “code” a darn thing, I like technology again. For now!